Summer nostalgia, 5 live tracks, Cali surf rock, and the best skipping stone you can find.

July 2021

Who's up for some CarPlay?, 5 Tracks from Zach, Jeff Lynne, and the greatest thing out of Sweden since meatballs

June 2021

Criterion Collection Wishes, In Praise of the Music Supervisor, Run the Jewels & Leonard Cohen
The best album of 2021 (so far), Discovering Small Albums, Dinah Washington, and the surest way to beat the heat

May 2021

10 tracks that we missed between the blog and now, including: Deerhoof, Guards, Kendrick Lamar, Khruangin, Soccer Mommy, Monster Rally, J Nolan…
The Dismemberment Plan and pre-graduation ennui, Late of the Pier, Writing about DMB, and "Paper Moon"

April 2021

Zach lays out his choices for the best films of 2019 & 2020; Hank has one thing for your second vaccine.
Frederick Wiseman, "Punky's Dilemma", Substack's controversy, and one thing on Silent Movie Gifs and Rock in Latin America

March 2021

Richard Swift, The Spinners, Bitches Brew and Brian Eno, Birds and Kanopy.
The blog is back?, Glen Campbell & Central KY, Respect for Akron/Family & Vic Chesnutt (via Bright Eyes), One thing on George Saunders and Switzerland.